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Becoming a Travel Agent is easier than you can imagine! Begin here & now

  1. Do you know you can book travel for yourself, your family and your friends from your Personal Booking Site at exclusively negotiated rates?
  2. Do you know you can earn extra income by booking travel for others?
  3. Do you know you do not have to attend a college, university, community college or even a trade school to become a Travel Agent?
  4. Do you know there is a commission associated with virtually any and all travel? Read on…

You can, in fact, attend college and take six months and longer and spend between $6,000 and $10,000 to become a Travel Agent. Or you can join one of the largest travel agencies in the United States, do it at a minimal cost of around $300 and do it from the comfort of your own home and begin almost immediately. At your fingertips are some of the best resources in the industry, including online back office resources, one-on-one coaching resources and a very responsive agency support staff.

You can start to be productive within a week or less and, yes, what I said in the first three bullets is absolutely true. If you use your booking engine to book your air, hotel, rental car, a single vacation package or a cruise for yourself and your family, the savings you would realize from your very first booking could easily exceed your initial investment to become an Independent Travel Agent.

How can this happen? The commission I referred to in the fourth bullet will either be kept by the provider, an agency or under this plan it can be kept by you. Wouldn’t you love to receive payment for your personal travel; thereby, reducing your travel cost? And what’s more is that your family and friends would prefer to book their travel through and see that commission go to a family member or friend as well. Travel savings for you and earning additional income for the travel of others, what could be better, except maybe to free travel? Not possible – read on…

Have you ever considered taking a cruise or are you a seasoned cruiser? There are multiple cruise lines that will comp you a free cruise as a graduation gift if you simply complete their online training courses once you have registered with them as a travel agent. Imagine the advantage of having all of that cruise line booking information with multiple cruise lines instantly at your fingertips. Could anything be better than booking all of your own cruising activities from your own computer? Read on…

As an Independent Travel Agent, group cruising and group travel are very commission friendly activities that you would be in a position to pursue. This is a very serious and a very real opportunity. If you are interested in pursuing this as vocation, it might be possible to realize 5 figure and 6 figure incomes as others in this agency are currently doing. Or, start out as I did, because of the travel advantage just for you, your family and your friends.

If this is interesting to you, please register on my Personal Booking Site then call us or submit the “Contact Us” form under the Contact Us tab letting us know of your interest.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

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